92-YO Lafayette man logs nearly 50k walking miles

“Once I got started I never stopped,” said Lafayette’s Bob Valentine.  

He’s a hard man to keep up with. Bob has been on the go for nearly 40 years walking an hour each and every one those nearly 15,000 days. Doctor’s orders.  

“Well, I had my physical and the doctor said what are you doing for exercise Bob? I says I’m carrying my briefcase! Ha! He wasn’t very impressed,” said Valentine.  

So at age 52, Bob got busy, and now at age 92 he’s still going strong walking every day.  He logged every step in his 40 plus journals, and figures he’s worn out over 140 pairs of sneakers.  

He celebrated the 25K marker on the Golden Gate Bridge in 1997 and 21 years later he’s now closing in on 50,000 miles.   

“That’s twice around the world!  I know, how’s that make you feel? Ha ha, I’m sure it’s not a major event for anybody but me,” said Valentine.  

Well it is a big deal to his family. He and his late wife Jewel have four kids, 14 grand and five great-grand kids. All will be front and center when this Harvard grad hits the 50K mark in his Lafayette Neighborhood Saturday, just two days shy of his 92nd birthday.  

“You just feel better and you’re going to live a lot longer. If it had not been for my walking I’m sure I’d be in the history books,” said Valentine. So what does he listen to on those walks?  “The Carpenters,  Karen Carpenter. Really the Carpenters. Yes, I just love them.”  

Yes, he is old-school and it has served him well.  As for that 60K mark don’t count him out yet.  

“I’m going to back off a little now.  I think from 100 miles a month down to 66," he said.

"You slacker!" our reporter joked.  Yeah, exactly ha ha!”  Bob will finish his 50K walk on Saturday afternoon in his Burton Valley Lafayette neighborhood with 100-plus family and friends in tow.  

You go Bob!