Vigil held to honor 13-year-old boy killed in Antioch hit-and-run crash

13-year-old Amahje Emenike was killed in a hit-and-run crash just days before Christmas. The eighth grader was honored Wednesday night at a vigil in San Francisco.  
His 12-year-old stepbrother was also killed.

Amahje's mother, Sabra Bell, said he lived with her in San Francisco and was visiting his father in Antioch for the holidays. She never imagined he wouldn't come home.

On Wednesday evening, family and friends gathered and lit candles at India Basin Shoreline Park in San Francisco's Bay View neighborhood to remember him. Amajhe's parents grieved for the loss of two young lives.  

"This is the worst feeling in the world, but I got to be strong," said Bell.

She's strong, but devastated. On the night of December 22nd in Antioch, Amajhe was sitting in the front seat while his father was driving a blue sedan with Amahje's younger stepbrother in the back passenger seat. Amahje's father said they were just one block from his home when a black SUV T-boned his sedan. The driver ran from the scene on foot.

"You're such a coward. You fled the scene and left me and my boys there to die," said Emenike.  

Amahje's mother hopes police will make an arrest soon. 

"They said they had leads, and it wasn't a stolen car."

Antioch police have not responded to KTVU's request for information.

Bell shared a video of Amahje taken less than a month before he was killed. The video was part of his application to Riordan High School, where he had hoped to pursue his dream of playing basketball.

His parents described him as a star athlete, a great student, and above all, a loving son.

"I just feel sad for everybody. It took away from everybody. He was a good friend, good godson, good everything," said Bell.  

Amahje would have turned 14 years old on January 21rst. Now, his family plans to hold a memorial on that date to celebrate his life. They say they want answers and justice soon.

Teachers and staff at Amahje's school are raising money to help his mother: 

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