Adorable toddler dances with dad to celebrate 11 months cancer free

A 2-year-old leukemia survivor celebrated 11 months cancer free recently, with an adorable dance with his dad.

Video posted on Instagram by motivational speaker and dancer Kenny Clutch shows him and his son Kristian busting a move to a Lil Mama track to commemorate the milestone.

“Father Son chemistry. 11 months cancer free!! If we can do it you can do it,” Clutch wrote alongside the feel-good clip.

Hundreds of messages poured in congratulating the pint-sized cancer warrior. 

One person wrote, "Fam... your son gives me empowerment by simply smiling and exhibiting his happiness. Thank you for these videos." 

Another commented on how Kristian is basically his daddy's twin-- we do see it! 

Here's to many more days filled with laughter and lots of dance for Kristian.