After 71 years, Hayward Ranch restaurant closing for good New Year's Eve

It's a restaurant that seems like it's from another era.
But to regulars of the Hayward Ranch on Mission Boulevard, it's much more special than that.

"When you walked in here it was home," said long-time customer Frank Cardera.

But on New Years' Eve, at the stroke of midnight, the ranch will close for good after 71 years.

"We feel we don't know where we are going to go after this. We love this place," said Bobbie Frailing.

Hayward Ranch is closing because owner Cristo Sarantakis, is in poor health, say family members.

The family also wonders whether the landowner wants to develop the property.
"It's bittersweet. It's time to let it go. But it is also a bitter moment for the Hayward community," says the owner's son-in-law George Mitsopoulos. 

What's left are memories.

"I used to come with my mom and dad. We used to have family dinners here. And companies I worked for we would have the company parties here," says Paul Helm. 

The restaurant is lined floor-to-ceiling with old farm equipment donated over the years by growers and ranchers.

There's an old cash register and even an old wooden phone booth. 

It is all going up for sale.

On Monday, people came in for one last meal, one last drink, one last look.

The Ranch is planning a special goodbye menu for Tuesday night. It will include customer favorites such as prime rib.

"The people are great. And everything else. And they serve good drinks," says Helm.