After shootings, some question movie theater safety

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KTVU) - The recent shootings at movie theaters in two states are causing some to question whether security is needed at theaters.

Amusement parks, concerts and sports arenas have seen heightened security in recent years – so should the same apply at the movies? A California research company wanted to find out what people thought.

A survey, that was taken after the recent Louisiana shooting, found about three quarters of movie goers say they still feel safe in a theater. But the other quarter felt bags and purses should be checked for weapons before patrons enter the theater.

Researchers found about 34 percent thought lobbies should have armed security and metal detectors, but did not want to pay a ticket surcharge to fund either.

Some security experts say that movie theater operators may be resistant to adding visible security changes because of the message it sends to people. They want people to feel comfortable and safe and it may be jarring to see metal detectors.

At this point it’s unclear whether there will be any broad changes in the theater industry.