Alameda Co. sheriff deputy’s wife describes his deterioration in ICU from COVID-19

Maureen Ennor Rocha is hoping against hope her husband can pull through. But right now, it appears COVID-19 is winning.

"Without a doubt, he is fighting for his life. His lungs are completely filled with fluid," said Maureen Ennor Rocha.

Alameda County Sheriff's Deputy Oscar Rocha has been at John Muir Hospital on a ventilator for the past 14 days.

He is one of two deputies currently in the ICU with COVID-19, but his condition is far more dire.

"He's just a really good person. So many people love him and respect him for what he does," says Ennor Ochoa.

"We're kind of heartbroken right now as he's been struggling. It's been very difficult," said Alameda County Sheriff's Department spokesman Sgt. Ray Kelly.

Rocha is 56 years old and has been a deputy for the past 25 years.

He usually works in a superior court building. But more recently was taking shifts at Santa Rita, the Alameda County jail where some four dozen have inmates tested positive.

"We know Oscar was very vigilant in following the health guidelines. But in our job situation we get put at risk," said Kelly.
Ennor Ochoa also had been hospitalized with the virus but has recovered.

The couple has known each other since they attended California High School in San Ramon together. They now live in Danville.

She says the hardest part of this ordeal is being allowed just one hospital visit in the past two weeks.  

"He can't continue to stay on the vent in such a high setting. It is going to do damage to his lungs and he is not getting the air he needs," she said.

Ennor Ochoa urges anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 and is coughing to get their lungs checked. She wishes her husband had done that. But like so many people he declined rapidly.

But now she puts all her efforts into trying to remain upbeat.
"I have to believe he is going to be okay. I have to. He would be disappointed in me if I didn't. I have to believe he is going to get through this," she says.