Alameda's bald eagle eggs perish in Bay Area storm

Alameda's male bald eagle hunting for food over the estuary on March 1, 2023. Photo credit: Al Bruckner

The bald eagle nest sitting high in a tree at an Alameda golf course fell victim to the latest Bay Area storm.

The nest was damaged during Tuesday's storm, and the eggs did not survive, according to Al Bruckner, who heads the Bay Area Eagle Facebook group that's been monitoring the nest.

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The storm was one of the strongest the Bay Area has ever seen. Winds up to 77 mph raced through the coast, and five people died as a result of downed trees and power lines.

The aftermath showed the nest opened mid-structure, indicating a washout, the group noted in an online discussion about the nest status.

The eggs have not been found.

The eagles' pattern since the storm has definitely changed, Bruckner said. They are mostly away from the nest, and have been spotted hanging out atop a nearby tower.

"I viewed no activity at the nest and only saw one eagle for a moment," said Bruckner early Friday morning. "It’s still possible they may repair the nest and start over at that location or they may pick another tree.

Others have observed them mating in a tree and returning to reinforce their nest. 

Many are hoping to see the eagles give it another go after losing their clutch in the storm.

"Time will tell." Bruckner said. "Nature fights on."

The Alameda golf course tree that holds the eagles nest (upper right corner of middle tree). Photo taken Feb. 26, 2023