All but 2 Bay Area counties are on California's coronavirus monitoring list

All but two Bay Area counties are on California's monitoring list for coronavirus with the exceptions being San Francisco and San Mateo counties.

That's the latest assessment provided Thursday morning by the governor's office on its website. 

Being on the monitoring list means new restrictions: Indoor dining, movie theaters, gyms, places of worship and bowling alleys must close. 

However, outdoor dining and outdoor experiences, such as zoos, can remain open. 

San Francisco is taking extra precautions, though, announcing this week that the city would retain its ban on indoor restaurant dining and businesses such as nail and hair salons that require close contact with customers.

The state map shows that counties in the far north and east, including Shasta, Humbolt, Tuolomne and Siskyou counties, are doing pretty well in terms of coronavirus cases, while the Bay Area, Central California and Southern California have many more cases. 

California reported 114,000 new cases and more than 1,100 new deaths in the last two weeks.

On Tuesday, California set a new record for most confirmed cases of coronavirus in a single day by recording 11,142 cases.

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