Noah's New York Bagels employees quit en masse in viral video

All 15 employees at the Noah's New York Bagels in Vacaville quit as a group to protest the firing of a general manager they feel was wrongly dismissed, The mass resignation went viral in a TikTok video.

The 10-second video by Beonce Sarmiento shows the coworkers quitting on Saturday and now, about 4 million people have watched. 

"We're not replaceable," Sarmiento told KCRA 3 in Sacramento. "We're not disposable and you can't just fire somebody and not let them know."

Former general manager Bre Kowalski said she received a call last week from her district manager saying she was on suspension likely because of a customer complaint, according to KCRA. But Kowalski insisted there was no such complaint. When she got home, she told KCRA 3 she saw the final paycheck in her bank account. She said she was never told exactly why she was fired. 

Employees said this was the last straw after other issues had been building up. So they all quit together and posted it on social media. 

Noah's Bagels sent a statement, where company officials said they would look into the matter as they "take the treatment of our team members very seriously." 

Some employees said they already have interviews and other job offers in the works.