'All 3 are excellent:' 1,000 Johnson & Johnson vaccines administered in San Francisco

At San Francisco's City College, the city's Departments of Public Health and Emergency Management on Friday administered 1,000 Johnson & Johnson vaccines.

And while the main point was to continue vaccinating as many people in San Francisco as possible, the mass vaccination event was also used as a point about the efficacy of the nation's third authorized vaccine.

Widespread skepticism of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine grew after during its authorization process, as its effectiveness in preventing the virus was about 65%; compare that to Moderna and Pfizer reporting 95% effective in preventing COVID.

Medical experts, however, have said Johnson & Johnson was more than 80% effective in severe cases and nearly 100% effective in preventing death or hospitalization.

"Bottom line here: All three are excellent. All three are safe," said San Francisco Health Director Dr. Grant Colfax. 

Colfax explained the advantages of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Since it only requires one dose, recipients will not need to worry about the logistics of a second appointment. It also does not require the same type of refridgeration as the other two vaccines.

"The vaccine that is offered, that's the right vaccine to take," Colfax said.

"It's one shot," said a woman receiving the vaccine at City College. "It's so much better that you don't have to wait 21 to 28 days."

The city still struggled to access enough supply to maximize its vaccine distribution.

The local run sites are able to vaccinate up to 10,000 people a day. 

Colfax said the city has 4,800 Johnson & Johnson vaccines for the week. In general, Colfax says vaccine distribution, federally, should ramp up next month.

The city expects to keep up with vaccine eligibility moving forward.

Starting Monday, those 16 years and older with disabiltiies, underlying conditions and vulnerabiltiies will be eligible for vaccines.

President Joe Biden announce all adults shall be eligbile starting May 1.