American Canyon trivia

It's one of our state's newest cities and it sits on the apron of some of the most fertile land in the world. American Canyon was incorporated 27 years ago and it is the gateway to the Napa Valley. We took to the streets to find out just how well AC'ers know their city as we Zip-Trip to the 94503!   

Their City slogan is forever linked to Wine Country and it sits right under the welcome sign when you drive through town on Highway 29. Do you know what it says? Not many do. So, the next time you drive by take a peek. Here's a hint remember what lies directly north of American Canyon.  

American Canyon was once known as Napa Junction where railroads from the California coast ranges and San Francisco Bay connected years ago. Part of that area would become what is now known as American Canyon in 1992.  So that begs the question: Is there really a canyon in American Canyon?   Think about it. That question even stumped some people in the Chamber of Commerce.  

American Canyon High School opened in 2010.  It's a state-of-the-art school with incredible sports facilities.  Do you know their mascot? Years ago, people who grew up in town had to go to high school in either Vallejo to the south or head north to Napa.  

One well-known major leaguer was born in Vallejo and grew up in American Canyon, but since there was no high school he commuted to Vintage High in Napa. He was a late 60's graduate and made a big mark on baseball. He collected over 2,700 hits and played for five teams including the Dodgers, Red Sox and Cubs. Many believe he belongs in Cooperstown. He sadly passed away just over a month ago at the age of 69. Do you have any idea who that player is? The 1986 World Series between the Mets and Red Sox might give you a clue.   

There are number of prominent businesses in American Canyon. Kreysler & Associates are world-renowned for their work with composites. In fact the horse that you see in front of every PF Chang's restaurant was made in American Canyon. The city also stores more wine than any other city in the Napa Valley. 

One business brings people from all over to American Canyon. It's a coffee house. There are over 10,000 nationwide, but in California there are only 30. Seven are in the Bay Area and one of those sits right on Highway 29 in American Canyon. Any idea what that may be?  If you have roots in the northeast you probably know the answer to that question. Their ice coffees are simply the BEST!  Grab one on Friday, June 28 and stop by and say hi to our crew as we take American Canyon by storm on Zip-Trip #3.  See you in the Canyon!