Amputee athletes team up with Warriors for free basketball camp

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A one of a kind group of elite athletes teamed up with the Golden State Warriors at UC San Francisco's Mission Bay campus for a free basketball camp for amputees over the weekend. 

The athletes are part of UCSF's Amputee Comprehensive Training (ACT) program and are using cutting edge technology to push their boundaries and engage in physical activities. 

Their team, AMP1, is the only organized group of amputees playing stand-up basketball in the country, according to UCSF officials.

"The players have overcome lower limb amputations caused by traumatic accidents, birth defects and cancer to compete against able-bodied, non-amputee teams," officials said.

Our KTVU camera crew was on hand for practice on Friday, as the team prepared to work with members of the Warriors organization's strength and conditioning team to put on Saturday's camp. 

More than 50 players, ranging from age 7 to about 60 were enrolled. 

UCSF's ACT program sets out to assist those affected by limb loss by helping them use tools to maximize physical and functional mobility following amputation.