East Bay woman who helps the homeless faces homelessness herself

Sharon Alexander and her volunteers said they feed people who are homeless every week.  She co-founded Arthur Jean Safe Place, a nonprofit.

"I'm doing something that for that one moment in time, I'm helping someone else without judgment, with respect," said Alexander, "It's from my heart. It's a passion."  

But last month, she learned that she and her nonprofit, which are run out of a San Pablo home, will need a new place after January 31.

She said she's lived here for 12 years and the property owner's failure to fix multiple code violations is forcing her out.  She and her grandson, who volunteers by her side, are packing up and praying that they will find a new home.

"We're not going to give up. It's very scary. I'll be honest with you," said Alexander said she is also grieving from the death three months ago of her partner Ronald Wolf who co-founded the non-profit.

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Still, she's determined to continue their mission.  

Back at the homeless encampment, among the people who received hot meals from the nonprofit is Lynette Vaughan, a 55-year-old with an addiction to crack cocaine. She said Alexander's weekly meals are a lifeline.

"It helps a lot. She comes every Sunday. I'd be right here every Sunday," said Vaughan.

Alexander said helping others gave her strength,

"I just keep going, one day at a time.  I'm looking at resources. My whole world seems to be crumbling. But I believe we'll be stronger after we get through this."

Alexander is moving most of her belongings into storage and said she plans to stay at a motel for two weeks. Beyond that, she said she has faith things will work out.

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