Ann Coulter embraced by conservative crowd in Mountain View

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Conservative pundit Ann Coulter spoke at a private event in Mountain View Tuesday night. 

The non-profit political group, Liberty Forum of Silicon Valley organized the speaking engagement and book signing. The group describes itself as a gathering space for conservatives.

It was the conservative firebrand's first event in the Bay Area since her scheduled appearance at UC Berkeley was canceled last April. 

Security was fairly tight at the Portuguese Hall. According to its Facebook page, Coulter spoke to a sold-out crowd of about 600 members of the organization.

KTVU reporter Amber Lee only saw two protesters out in the street in front, where Coulter was greeted by an aging conservative crowd who describe themselves as registered Republicans and Libertarians.

This time around the event may have been ignored or it could have been quiet because there was no buildup to Coulter's appearance and little media hype like before the Berkeley protests.  

Coulter spoke about her avid and early support for President Trump. 

"He has this genius for running on the popular side of every issue," Coulter said.  "We got to stop this dump of the third world on our country. We need an immigration policy that puts Americans first."

Coulter was scheduled to speak at the IFES Community Hall around 6 p.m. 

Mountain View police and private security monitored the event. According to SF Gate, police were preparing to send about two dozen officers to handle security.

Everyone who entered the event was 'wanded' with a metal detector and bags were searched before they entered the building. 

Some who attended said they are Trump supporters, but that they were undecided about Coulter and the issues. 

"I'm on the fence about everything. I'm here to find out more about everything," said Cathy Duhring a registered Republican.

Organizers say this event shattered an attendance record.  

Before the event, Coulter spoke to reporters about the president's performance. 

"He's really been killing it on political incorrectness . I'll give him a few points on that. Jury's out...he has an incomplete until I see the wall," she said. "I admit that there are times I might have hoped for a more elegant candidate."  

Coulter said she'd like to speak at Berkeley at some point. For now, she'll have to settle for a March 21 appearance at the University of Colorado. 

KTVU reporter Amber Lee contributed to this story