Annual Hot Chocolate run ends with a sweet finish at Golden Gate Park

Runners of all ages hit the pavement and satisfied their sweet tooth in San Francisco Sunday morning for the annual Hot Chocolate run. 

The annual Hot Chocolate run took over Golden Gate Park, peppered with participants of all ages, with many wearing their navy blue race swag. The race kicked off just after 7 a.m. 

Runners were able to choose between race lengths of 5k, 10k, 15k, or a 2-Mile Fun Walk. Organizers said they came prepared with 600 gallons of hot chocolate and about 3000 pounds of fondue. 

Ventures Endurance, the sponsor of the run, partnered with the Special Olympics this year, which means proceeds from this race will go towards programming for the nonprofit. 

"Special Olympics is doing an amazing job creating opportunities for folks who wouldn’t normally get them, and that means so much because these folks get a chance to have social interactions, a chance to achieve things, go to competitions, national global competitions, so it’s exciting to create this opportunity," Todd Busteed, a staff member for the Hot Chocolate Run told KTVU. 

Some parents brought their kids out in strollers as they walked or ran the race, and there were plenty of cute dogs who joined in. The race was very friendly for people who were new to running. One runner told us it was her first time in a competitive race, and she was excited to make it happen. 

"My husband told me, was the one who told me, 'Just try it." So I tried it and I liked it," Linda Nevide, a Tracy native said. 

Those who finished the race received a "Finisher's Mug" filled to the brim with piping hot chocolate as well as chocolate fondue and dippable treats.  

Race organizers tell us that hot chocolate is the perfect treat to reward yourself after a chilly morning run. Some people came out for the sweets, while some just came for the joy of the run. 

"It’s usually really, really sweet, and I don’t like it when it’s too sweet," said Remy Glenning, a runner who attended the race with his mom. Remy's mom says she was most excited for them to tackle the race as a team. 

"Running it together because we’ve never done a race this long together, so that’ll be really fun," Bettina Glenning said. 

Atticus Davidson, 10, encouraged his family to sign up for the Hot Chocolate run. He trained with his mother at Golden Gate Park, but he still got a little tuckered out during the race. He says one thing kept him pushing through:

"Hot chocolate. It's all about the hot chocolate," Atticus said.