Antioch amputee inspires others with new clothing business

ANTIOCH, Calif. (KTVU) - An Antioch man has created a new life for himself after a life changing accident that caused him to lose a leg.

"It really takes inner strength to push forward in our amputee life... walking in this socket. It's tough," said Abdul Nevarez.

He sketches with his one good hand, creating designs for his Amputee Life Clothing Company. "I'm a t-shirts and jeans type of guy."

He translated that love into a business, designing and selling items such t-shirts and baseball caps online.

About three years ago, a motorcycle accident cost Nevarez his right leg and severely damaged his left arm and leg. It ended his career as a sheet metal worker.

The accident took place along busy Hillcrest Avenue at Via Dora. Nevarez says he doesn't remember much of what happened. He says his life is not about looking back, but about looking forward.

Nevarez says each day is still a struggle, but one that the 42-year-old takes on with the help of his wife Priscilla. Together, they started their business four months ago.

"We pin what state... even what country the order came from. So it's exciting to see the whole Amp Life movement across the United States, the world... Canada. “

The couple tells KTVU their new business has already doubled since it started, through the help of social media.

Their inspirational message resonates with amputees. Nevarez says he's proud to be an amputee and wants to inspire others to have a positive attitude.

"I love to show mine. It's part of me. It's my second life," said Nevarez as he showed off his prosthetic leg.

His second life includes remembering the loss of an older brother to street violence less than a month before his accident.

Adversities he says are just bumps in the road. "What's next? I really don't know, I'm just rolling with the punches... you know," said Nevarez with a smile.

The couple says the life-changing accident has put them on a mission to help others

A portion of their proceeds are donated to, a nonprofit that provides prosthetics to amputees.