Apple Store Burlingame snatch-and-grab heist under investigation

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Police in Burlingame are investigating a smash-and-grab style burglary at an Apple Store.

The incident occurred shortly before the store closed on Thursday at around 8:15 p.m. 

According to witness video, seven young men snatched phones, tablets, and laptops from display tables, breaking the cables attached to the devices. 

The woman who captured the video says she heard the commotion outside the store. 

"Just pulling the phones and iPads and everything off, the strings that they're on, the little metal strings," she said. "Pulling them off, trying to put everything into their pockets. 

One by one, the thieves ran out of the store with their arms full of stolen electronics.  They jumped into Volkswagen Jetta and fled the scene. 

While making their escape, they almost hit an SUV and people on the street. 

"There were some pedestrians in the street, including kids, and they almost ran down a bunch of kids and then sped off down the road," she said. 

Burlingame police tell KTVU it's the third time the store has been hit. Part of the storefront is covered because of an incident last week, in which thieves broke in when the store was closed and stole property. 

The estimated value of the items stolen in the most recent burglary is in excess of $50,000. 

Apple workers and security guards are instructed not to engage.