Apple's new iPad targets classroom learning

When the new iPad was announced Tuesday morning at a high school in Chicago, CEO Tim Cook made clear Apple is targeting schools.

Among the changes, the new iPad now supports augmented reality along with Apple Pencil, a stylus sold separately that previously was limited to more expensive models.

Silicon Valley-based tech analyst Carolina Milanesi attended the announcement and says the education market is important because it can shape future buyers.

"You want the next generation to be using and to be passionate...that's why it matters so much to the big tech companies," said Milanesi.

Pedro Hernandez-Ramos did education marketing for Apple in the 1990's.

The Santa Clara University professor says the Cupertino-based company in recent years has been losing market share in education because of the cost of iPads and difficulty to manage.

"Chromebooks came in at a much lower cost than iPads and also offered a solution for the classrooms that Apple now with today's announcement is finally catching on to," said Hernandez-Ramos.

The iPad will still be discounted for educators.

Apple also trying to incentives to school districts by offering 200 gigabytes of free storage for teachers and students.