Arizona assisted living facility worker accused of stealing money from co-worker

A woman is accused of stealing cash from a co-worker at an assisted living facility.

According to police, 61-year-old Connie Barr was arrested on Nov. 8 and accused of theft. In court documents, police say the victim, who was a nurse at the facility, left a purse with $1,000 inside at the nurses station counter.

The money, according to investigators, was to be used to cremate the victim's son.

Barr, investigators allege, sat down in a chair next to the purse about a half-hour after the victim arrived at the facility.

"The defendant hunched over the victim's purse and rifled through it, removing the $1,000, and placing it in her front right pant pocket" read a portion of the court documents. 

Barr's act, according to investigators, was captured by security cameras. Barr eventually agreed to return the $1,000. 

Barr, police officials say admitted to stealing the $1,000. She is accused of felony theft.

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