Armed robbery suspect dies in Fremont police shooting

Gunfire erupted on a Bay Area highway at the height of the Wednesday afternoon commute with traffic at a standstill. It was a traffic mess after a Fremont police officer was involved in a shooting where an armed robbery suspect died at the scene. It happened just before 3 p.m. at Highway 84, west of Newark Boulevard.

From SkyFox, there was a massive police response taking up all lanes of highway 84 in Fremont. Traffic was backed up for miles. SWAT officers were seen honing in on the suspect’s car.

"I was on Decoto when I heard the calls come out and I head the officer scream shots fired, shots fired, shots fired," said Paula Craig of Fremont.

Craig, with a law enforcement background, shot video on her cell phone of Highway 84. California Highway Patrol said the suspect was linked to an armed robbery and the Toyota Highlander, he was driving, was reported stolen.

A chase ensued when the suspect fled and a Fremont police officer pursued him.

"The driver played chicken with the officer a few times, stopping and starting, stopping and starting and finally he stopped on the freeway," said Craig.

CHP said the suspect had a firearm, a handgun and magazine were seen lying near the suspect’s car. It’s unclear who shot at who and how many times.

"They sent a K9 in to check the suspect who was down, the suspect was unresponsive, then they had to clear the vehicle," said Craig.

All the Highlander’s windows were shot out to make sure it was safe to recover the weapon and check on the suspect. Several casings were located at the scene.

CHP confirmed the suspect died. A white tent was used to cover his body.

"We are going to find a different way now, we are just going to take a detour," said Larry Collins of Fremont.

CHP closed down all lanes of Highway 84 eastbound, closing the onramp and only one westbound lane was open throughout the night. All lanes were reopened shortly before 10 p.m. 

Police canvassed the nearby shopping center looking for surveillance video. It’s believed no officers were injured. CHP is not identifying the suspect nor the officer at this time.

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