Arnold Schwarzenegger fills LA pothole: 'Let’s not complain, let’s do something about it'

Arnold Schwarzenegger is taking an issue that has plagued the city of Los Angeles into his own hands. The former California Governor broke out a shovel to fill potholes in the SoCal neighborhood.

Schwarzenegger shared a video on social media Tuesday filling a pothole by using their own equipment and supplies.

"Today, after the whole neighborhood has been upset about this giant pothole that’s been screwing up cars and bicycles for weeks, I went out with my team and fixed it. I always say, let’s not complain, let’s do something about it. Here you go," the former Governor said on social media.

The video comes as City of Los Angeles vowed earlier in the month to fill potholes caused by the historic winter storms.

LA Mayor Karen Bass said last week that the city will look to identify and patch up more than 19,000 potholes across the city.

"City staff are pulling out all the stops, but not just to prepare every pothole that's reported, but also to be proactive. That means driving across the city throughout this district and all others to assess the conditions of our streets, identify and repair damage right way," Bass said last week.

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