Arrests made in Bay Bridge sideshow

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California Highway Patrol San Francisco Area patrol units arrested one driver and cited another in connection with a sideshow on the Bay bridge Sunday afternoon.

CHP monitored a call of 3 vehicles with paper dealer plates; a black Ford Mustang, a white Ford Mustang and a black Chevy Camaro, traveling 80-90 mph westbound on the Bay Bridge.

They were reported to be in and out of traffic nearly colliding with other vehicles. Several minutes later it was reported the Mustangs and Camaro had stopped all traffic on the Bay Bridge west of Yerba Buena Island and were doing “donuts” across all lanes.

This information was being relayed to CHP dispatch by a private citizen caught in the traffic. As she was stopped she was able to capture the sideshow activity on her cell phone camera.

CHP patrol units responded to the area and positioned themselves at the end of the Bay Bridge. At approximately 3:39 PM, a black Ford Mustang and a white Ford Mustang matching the description of the involved vehicles, as well as the reporting party passed the CHP officers.

The officers positioned themselves behind the two Mustangs and made an enforcement stop taking both vehicles off the Bay Bridge.

The reporting citizen also met the officers and confirmed the two Mustangs stopped were the same vehicles involved in the sideshow activity and captured on her cell phone.

After further investigation, one driver was cited and released and one driver was arrested and his vehicle impounded. Charges will be filed with the San Francisco District Attorney's Office.

San Francisco Area Commander Christopher Sherry provided the following statement:

“I’m pleased the CHP was able to apprehend the subjects responsible for this unsafe and disruptive behavior. A recklessly driven vehicle is a deadly weapon. If one chooses to drive recklessly, they could be jailed, be fatally injured, or take someone’s life; perhaps the life of someone they love. The majority of the motoring public does not think this type of behavior, specifically shutting down freeways and bridges is acceptable.”

Witnesses are asked to contact Officer Vu Williams at (415) 557-1094.