Artist painting Stars and Stripes across America makes stop in Antioch

ANTIOCH, Calif. (KTVU) - An artist on a cross country quest to spread patriotism made a stop in Antioch this week.

Scott LoBaido is on a year-long tour called "Painting Flags Across America". LoBaido plans to paint one flag on a Veterans Post in each of the 50 states.

"The American flag is my favorite work of art," Lobaido said from his hydraulic perch 30 feet above the parking lot of American Legion post 161 in Antioch.

He spent two days painting a 30 by 50 foot mural of the Stars and Stripes on what was a dingy grey wall. "If it was bigger and higher, I would have made it bigger and higher."

LoBaido said it's his calling to paint the American flag. To him, it's like a greeting card to veterans. "You can go to Hallmark and get a card that says 'thank you', but that's too small for me," he said laughing, then got choked up thinking about who the murals are for. "I get to thank the men and women who have given me the unbelievable gift to express myself."

LoBaido says he wants to make the flag "cool" again. He wants people to look at it, and reach out to a veteran. "Go say 'thank you' to him. You're going to make his day and you're gonna make your day."

LoBaido has corporate sponsors to pay for the tools and materials on his tour.

He doesn't take any money from the Veterans Posts who host him.

The dedication for Antioch's "Painting Flags Across America" mural is Friday at 2 p.m. at the American Legion Post 161 on 7th street in Antioch.