As Joey Feek's Health Worsens, Rory Reflects


As country singer Joey Feek’s health continues to worsen, her husband, Rory, still keeps everyone up-to-date with her condition. And though he can’t hit “pause” in life, he decides to rewind a few years in his latest blog post.

Rory recalls the time he and Joey popped into the studio in 2012 to record a new album. After sifting through songs, titles, and lyrics, they decided to choose a song by undiscovered songwriter, Sandy Lawrence. The couple was hoping to help put Lawrence’s name on the musician map, as they adore her work.

The song they picked is called When I’m Gone, which sends a message of hope and perseverance when losing someone you love.

Plans were a bit re-routed when it came to making the music video. Their producer suggested Rory portray the one who has lost someone while Joey sings to him. At first, it took him by surprise and he was not on board with the idea because it just hit too close to home. Though he felt vulnerable, he knew that he had to push through.

Because yes, it’s tough to lose someone you love.

Fast forward to today. Rory explains how Joey is experiencing a lot of pain and much discomfort. So much, her daily dose of morphine continues to increase.

Joey told Rory she’s been speaking to Jesus and says she’s ready if He’s ready to bring her home. As Rory takes in everything, he reflects back on When I’m Gone and comes to terms with the fact that it really is happening.

The song will be a part of their “Hymns That Are Important To Us” album that launches in stores around the nation. He and Joey believe their story, the lyrics, and their hope “will have the power to help heal a million broken hearts.”

Listen to their heart-felt song here: