Atmospheric river floods San Francisco streets

The steady rainfall brought a steady stream of problems to San Francisco on Wednesday. A water logged tree came crashing down on Dolores Street crushing two cars. Jacob Paronyan's 2010 VW took the brunt of the damage.

"I was at a coffee shop around the corner, and I live around the other corner and I saw people go outside. I thought they were looking at something in the street and about 20 minutes later I looked over and saw the tree and realized that's my car," said Paronyan.

Off and on the rain dumped on San Francisco making driving difficult with water splashing up over the hood and onto the windshield.

San Francisco's aging sewer system was tested with water gushing into the system at times too fast to drain.

The water up over some cars wheels as they tried to cross this standing water on Toland Street.

 The water was too much for one police cruiser which stalled and had to be pushed out by another city vehicle.  City crews were scrambling to keep the city's drains free from debris.

"Oh man, we've been going all night long. We've been here all night. We'll be here probably again tonight but, we're here, we're doing it!" said John Scannell from San Francisco's Public Utilities Commission. With more rain in the forecast the city is asking people to lend a helping hand.

"If you see anything on these drains on these grates, if they can clear it that'd be a huge huge help. About a good 50% 65% of these are all debris on the grates. If you get it off, help like that, it's huge," said Scannell.

You can sign up to adopt a drain here in San Francisco to help maintain that drain and prevent flooding in your neighborhood. Contact San Francsico's Public Utilities Commission.