Audrie Potts subject of documentary film at SF film festival

A South Bay teenager who took her own life, after she was sexually assaulted and bullied on social media, is being remembered in a powerful new documentary. The documentary called "Audrie and Daisy" profiles Audrie Pott's story. It premiered in the Bay Area at the San Francisco Film Festival.

At this year's San Francisco's Film Festival, as hundreds of moviegoers packed Victoria Theatre, it was a a bittersweet night for the parents of Audrie Pott. Their 15-year-old daughter's tragic story told in a new documentary.

"It's a tough night for us because it really opens up some wounds whenever we see the movie," said Audrie Pott's father Lawrence Pott.

Back in 2012, the Saratoga High School sophomore passed out at a party and was sexually assualted. Photos of her half-naked body was blasted on social media. She committed suicide days later.

"It just takes one voice to stop an event that could go horriby south like it did in Audrie's case and it could change someone's life forever," said Audrie Pott's mother Sheila Pott.

"Sadly there were many cases where the girls and families weren't public with their names," said Fillmmaker Bonni Cohen.

Touched by Audrie's story and the hope to turn something tragic into something good, San Francisco filmmakers Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk made the film called Audrie and Daisy. Daisy Coleman from Missouri was also sexually assualted and taunted on social media.

"If I can go through something like this then anyone can, what you decide to do with it is a personal choice I encouage anyone to speak out." said Coleman.

Moviegoers said they felt empowered after watching the film.

"It empowers me to speak out about other issues, other circumstances in my life that have torn me down or made me feel next to nothing," said Madeleine Vietmeier.

"I really try to focus on the postive impact that she's had through her passing and I think she would be pleased to see that this kind of change is coming about," said Sheila Pott.

The film was also shown at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah. Netflix picked it up and the plan is to roll it out later this fall so more eyes can see it.