Gunfire erupts at Santa Clara sideshow, authorities take action

Authorities in the city of Santa Clara are taking action, after a sideshow turned violent over the weekend. They say gunfire erupted and several cars were hit.

It happened at the intersection of De La Cruz and Laurelwood, just blocks from a neighborhood.

"They ended up in a residential neighborhood. They threw guns on porches. They were in people's driveways, so it really took it to another level. It was terrifying, really terrifying," says Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gillmor.

It was especially terrifying for resident Nadine Alvarez, as the crime and chaos spilled onto her street.

"So the police came. They checked my yard. They wanted to see if there were any weapons and they found the gun," says Alvarez.

It was a loaded 9 millimeter ghost gun, stashed under her neighbor's pumpkin. Police also found a battered Nissan, they believe was involved.

"Out of due diligence we were able to arrest five subjects, two of them adults, three of them juveniles," says Lt. Cuong Phan of Santa Clara Police.

Santa Clara's mayor, who is up for re-election, says this weekend was the last straw. She's proposing a regional task force of mayors and police chiefs to tackle the sideshow problem. 

So far officials in Fremont and Milpitas have agreed.

"They were right onboard. They were ready to go because their public safety is encountering the same issues that we're encountering," says Gillmor.

RAW FOOTAGE: Warning- Viewer discretion advised. Depictions of violence and stunts

Santa Clara also has a pilot program that uses license plate readers to help police identify those involved.

"We have the authority to impound vehicles if they were used during a sideshow activity," says Phan.

They say something needs to change because these sideshows are simply too dangerous for participants, spectators, and anyone nearby.

"I'm hoping that they'll make the place safer. It's just, like I said, it's never been this way," says Alvarez.

The mayor plans to bring up the task force, as well as increasing police numbers, at the next city council meeting.

Anyone who might have witnesses this latest sideshow is asked to contact Santa Clara Police at (408) 615-4814, or they can call the anonymous tip line at (408) 615-4tip.