'Baby Balboa' boxing video goes viral

Courtesy Zack Magilavy/Facebook 

A diaper-clad toddler is getting a lot of attention for his adorable boxing video in which he mimics Rocky Balboa's famous training sequence featured in the movie Rocky II.

The viral video shows little Charlie in front of a television in sync with every one of Sly Stallone’s moves.

In a post on Facebook, the child's father, Zack Magilavy jokes that his son takes the workouts very seriously and that "It brings a smile to our face every time he asks to 'workout with Rocky'."

When you watch the video, it's pretty apparent that the little guy does not mess around when it comes to his workout routine.

He's memorized all of Rocky's moves, from the shadow boxing to the one armed push-ups and the famous wood chopping exercise. And the kid gets some air as he works out with an imaginary jump rope.

When exhaustion brings Rocky to his knees, you see Charlie also go down, but not for long, as he quickly jumps back to his feet.  

At last check, the video received more than 1.4 million views on Magilavy's Facebook page.

Thousands of people have commented, with many marveling over how adorable and talented the tot is. Others call him a boxer in the making.

Magilavy asks viewers to keep negative comments they may have to themselves.

He adds that the child's screen time is very limited and that he and his wife do not let Charlie watch the movie's fight scenes.

Magilavy does invite people who enjoy the images of the entertaining toddler to go ahead and share the video.

"Who knows, maybe it will make it back to Sly," he writes.

Well, guess what? It didn't take long for the video to reach Sylvester Stallone, who recently shared it on Twitter.