Back to back rainstorms dump on the North Bay

The waterlogged Bay Area is being drenched yet again by another week of storms, raising concern about flooding, fallen trees, and mudslides.

Sonoma County has some of the highest rain totals already: more than 14 inches fell during the month of January in Healdsburg, Windsor, and Santa Rosa.

So the return of flood and wind advisories may signal problems in saturated areas.

Rivers and creeks are rising again, as February settles in as drippy as January. 

"I love it, I can't get enough, how can we complain after years of drought?" smiled Nico Jacinto of Windsor, who remembers similar winters growing up in the North Bay.

"I still remember in high school, they shut the school down because it rained so much but you don't hear that anymore, until this year!"

For first responders, the resurgence of wet weather will mean more calls for service.

Monday evening, the CHP was clearing a two-vehicle collision on Highway 101 at the River Road exit.

"It's wet and steady rain and it's pretty slippery out, " observed CHP Ofc. Anthony Keeton, "and we've had about four or five in the last few hours. Most of them are weather related. People going too fast and losing control of their vehicles."

Rainfall totals this season, already top what the North Coast would usually get for an entire year.

At Home Depot in Windsor, the manager said a half dozen pallets with sandbags stacked high had been depleted and replenished several times, with no end in sight.

"The rain's great and what we needed," shopper Steve Fong told KTVU.

"We haven't had it like this, so let's enjoy it while we've got it."

Another shopper hurried to load her car before her purchases got soaked.

"It's a little annoying," acknowledged Monica Thornton of Windsor.

"But you kind of get used to it after awhile and just bundle up and go out." 

And in the face of more pelting rain, that seems to the prevailing attitude: don't wait for the rain to stop to do what you need to do..... because it's not leaving !

"When it's pouring, really dumping like a few weeks ago, I won't run in that," said Jess Allee out for his nightly three miles jog, undeterred by the rain.

"This isn't bad, and the guys I work with demand it, because I'm really grumpy if I don't get my run!"