BART moves closer to future Fremont station

BART’s board of directors on Thursday will vote on a resolution to inch closer to a future Fremont station by sending the project along to the MTC. 

The city says the Irvington District is a historic district with a lot of older buildings, and many industrial businesses.

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And this is where BART officials want to add a third station to be located near the intersection of Washington Avenue and Osgood. It would be on the existing tracks, at the midway point between the Fremont station and Warm Springs.

Some BART riders are excited.

“It’s always just good to have more options,” Jessica Yu said, saying the current trains get really crowded.

But Anand Prakash was more skeptical.

“I cannot imagine people would be able to walk there, and the public transit in Fremont is not that great,” Prakash said. “So they would have to make a parking lot, and there's just not that much space there…I don't think there is any need for it.”

The idea of an Irvington BART station was first approved in 2003 when BART started planning the Warm Springs extension. They didn't have the money to get it started, until about six years ago.

Alameda County voters contributed about $16.5 million to the project from a bond measure passed a few years ago. If the project remains on schedule, BART will break ground on the station in august 2022, with service expected to begin by August 2026.