BART ridership soars on Warriors parade day, reaches high since pandemic

Thousands took BART to San Francisco to celebrate at the Warriors parade Monday. (Photo: BART)

Thousands took BART over to San Francisco on Monday to enjoy the Warriors championship parade. 

The transportation agency said it saw its highest ridership total since the beginning of the COVID pandemic in March 2020. 

According to BART, 190,519 people rode its trains. Many riders were fans traveling to San Francisco for the Warriors NBA championship parade, with the team winning its fourth championship in eight years Thursday and taking to city streets to celebrate.

The Monday rider number, however, was likely even higher than recorded. Due to the increased station traffic and long lines to purchase Clipper cards, BART allowed many uncounted riders into the system as not to miss the parade.

Hailing all the way from Sacramento for the parade, Isaac Siliga rode a Fleet of the Future train to Embarcadero Station.

"I’m so used to the older trains, but it’s all digital now," he said. "That’s pretty cool!"

Although Sam Le is an Oakland local, the last time he took BART was four months ago. It marked the first time he took BART since the start of the pandemic.

"It feels like a sense of camaraderie the Bay Area hasn’t felt for a while," Le said.

Harsita Kumar, who rode from Daly City Station to Powell St. Station, took BART to avoid traffic like Le.

"It’s a really useful tool with all the roads closed and traffic," Kumar said. "With BART, we can just be here."

On Monday, the top paid home stations were 24th Street Mission, 16th Street Mission, Daly City, Balboa Park, Dublin/Pleasanton and El Cerrito del Norte. Embarcadero, Montgomery St, and Powell St. stations had the most recorded exits.

At Montgomery St. Station, Station Agent Avery Roper commented on the day's festive mood.

"There’s lots of happiness, lots of celebration," Roper said. "People are having fun, and I’m here to support that."