BART supports planned mural honoring late Oscar Grant to be displayed 10 years after death

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January 1 marks ten years since a BART police officer shot and killed 22-year-old Oscar Grant at Fruitvale Station. 

To mark the solemn anniversary, the family hopes to debut a mural in Grant’s honor at Fruitvale Station. 

Cephus Johnson, also known as “Uncle Bobby,” says the mural will be on the outside of the BART station near the bus stops, where they hold vigils every year to mark the day of Grant’s death. 

He says the mural will not depict the incident, but will instead portray the man and father so many knew and loved. “I hope this mural looks like Oscar and the love that he shared with others." He hopes it will also include images of the Fruitvale district. BART officials agreed to commission the art even though it was one of their officers who shot and killed Grant. 

"It's an extension of love and appreciation and well, not appreciation but atonement,” said Johnson. 

The San Francisco Chronicle reports BART signed a $30,000 contract with muralist “REFA1.”

The Grant family is also determined to have the station renamed to “Grant-Fruitvale Station” and a small street for buses outside the station named in Grant’s honor as well. The would also like the spot on the platform where he was shot to include a plaque. "Something representing this scared spot to never be forgotten because there was a young man who actually lost his life right here,” said Johnson.

Johnson says both the city and BART aren’t on board with those ideas at the moment but he doesn’t think it’s impossible in the future.