BART's new 'Fleet of the Future' cars rolling out slower than expected

BART’s new "Fleet of the Future" cars are rolling out slower than expected. 

According to a BART memo, the Bombardier cars have been spending a lot of extra time in the shop for hundreds of different issues. 

The issues were first sent out in a memo to the BART board of directors, which KTVU obtained on Monday morning. 

The memo detailed the high number of work orders for the new cars -- many issues being mechanical. 
BART officials, however, say the number of repairs are normal for a prototype.

The memo provided an update on the Fleet of the Future cars: 10 of the new cars have required 481 work orders since January. More than half of the orders were for preventative maintenance, tests and inspections, modifications or software upgrades. A total of 202 work orders were for failure or operational issues. 

Many of the new cars were supposed to be running this month. 

All additional testing and repairs have slowed that timeline down.

The first 10 pilot cars were put into service in January.