Bay Area communities brace for possible ICE raids planned for Sunday

Many communities in the Bay Area are once again bracing for promised ICE raids expected to happen on Sunday. 

In Santa Clara County, county executives say local law enforcement will not participate or help federal agents if the raids go forward. 

In fact, they're pushing back against what they say is a campaign of fear against the immigrant community.

"These raids are unnecessary. They're cruel. And they're really part of a larger war on immigrants," Deputy County Executive David Campos. 

He said ahead of Sunday's possible ICE raids, officials are preparing protections for undocumented residents potentially targeted by ICE. The county's Rapid Response Network is active, to send observers to ICE activity sites to provide extra eyes and legal advice.

"The county has invested resources to make sure that anyone who gets caught up in a raid has legal representation. We want people to feel empowered," said Campos.

The looming ICE raids have many undocumented residents in fear. For the second time in as many months, the Trump Administration is threatening raids to arrest 2,000 undocumented people facing deportation orders from 10 cities across the county, which include cities in the Bay Area. 

Immigration attorney Ronald Cabanayan said there are fears there will be collateral arrests.

"That there's going to be this very broad dragnet that's going to capture them. Even though they don't have any removal orders," he said. Added Sameena Usman, a spokeswoman for CAIR SF Bay Area, "It's creating panic in the community and fear of the separation of families of people who want to ah, pursue a better life in this country. And now that's gonna be stripped away from them."

Municipalities from the North Bay to the South, from the East to the ocean's edge are banding together to defend against an unwanted action, and to protect a vital group in the community.

"We stand by our commitment as a sanctuary city regardless of what is happening with our federal government. We will do everything we can to support and protect our residents," said San Francisco Mayor London Breed.

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf issued a statement in response to President Trump's latest threat saying, "I want to assure members of our community not to panic but to be prepared. Know you're rights and responsibilities."

There are rallies planned for Friday in Mountain View and San Jose against the ICE raids.