Bay Area electors reflect on Electoral College vote

California's 55 electors formally cast their votes for the ticket that won the state's popular vote: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. 

The state's votes in the Electoral College pushed President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris past the 270 needed to win. 

“Beyond words, it was so amazing," said LaNiece Jones, a California elector from Oakland picked by Rep. Barbara Lee (D).  "I just could not believe that we had that opportunity to be able to cast a historic vote.”

Jones joined the other electors at the state Capitol in Sacramento. She took great pride in her role, especially voting for Harris. 

“It meant so much, largely because she is the first woman in this position in the United States," said Jones. "It means so much to our next generation to our young people, to see that it’s so attainable.”

Despite the Electoral College vote affirming Biden's win, President Trump continues to refuse to concede. The president and his allies have lost dozens of lawsuits around the country, trying to overturn election results. 

On Friday, the Supreme Court rejected a challenge from the Texas Attorney General; 126 Republicans signed in support of the brief. 

“How hard is it going to be to deal with these 126 republicans that signed onto a phony brief that the election was rigged," said elector Pete McCloskey. "Going to be hell on wheels to reach across the aisle. “

The 93-year-old McCloskey is a former congressman who represented San Mateo County, a Republican turned Democrat.  The next important date in the process is on January 6 - when Congress will tally and ceritfy the Electoral College votes.

Some Republicans have said they plan to challenge the results, but Loyola Law Professor Jessica Levinson said a last ditch effort won't change the outcome. 

“Let me be unequivocal, President-elect Biden will be inaugurated on January 20th. I do expect there to be drama and theatrics in early January when Congress certifies the results, but I don’t expect it to change the outcome.”

Former Congressman McCloskey said the new adminstration needs to unite the country; he believes Biden is up to the task. “This is a great and good man, this fella Biden," said McCloskey. "I’ve known him for years. He’s decent, he’s honest, he’s compassionate. If anyone can reach across and get a few Republicans It’ll be him.”

Nationwide, there were no so-called "faithless electors" this year, or electors who voted differently than the popular vote of their state.