Bay Area gas prices drop 30 cents in one month

(KTVU and BCN) -- Gas prices in the Bay Area have dropped by 30 cents in the last month to an average of just $3.11 per gallon of unleaded gasoline, according

to the American Automobile Association.

The highest Bay Area gas prices are currently in San Francisco at

$3.27 per gallon and San Mateo at $3.22 per gallon. The lowest Bay Area gas

prices are currently in Concord at $3.00 per gallon, according to AAA.

Those prices are all well above the national average of $2.39. The

average for Northern California is currently $3.05 and the statewide average

is currently $3.10, according to AAA.

Gas prices remain heavily influenced by the global market for

crude oil, where supply continues to outpace demand, AAA Northern California

spokeswoman Cynthia Harris said in a statement.

Prices are expected to move lower in the months leading up to this

summer's peak driving season. The price-drop so far can be partly attributed

to the resolution of refinery issues, according to AAA.