Bay Area hair and nail salons are anxiously preparing to safely reopen

There is no date yet for when the shelter in place order will be lifted in California.

Many businesses are anxious to be able to re-open and making changes to do so safely.

At Bella Nails in San Mateo, owner Vivian Nguyen said, "My stations are all spaced out,  at least 6 feet apart" as she used a tape measure to checked the dimensions to comply with social distancing.

"This has been very devastating. I actually had an anxiety attack the day we were ordered to close," said Nguyen.

But love for her business didn't allow her to sit still. "I purchased the plastic guard. They're going to be placed at every table," said Nguyen.

She's prepared to take every precaution. "We're going to have the customers sign a consent form, just to let us know they're not sick and we're going to check their temperature," said Nguyen.

Nguyen showed a KTVU crew photos of her thriving business pre-pandemic. She plans to re-hire all her employees, but now worries that COVID-19 concerns may keep them and her clients away.

"A lot of my clients are more on the high risk age and most of them will be more hesitant to come in," said Nguyen.

In downtown San Mateo, Parlour 151's co-owner Tara Baldini is also making adjustments to be able to safely re-open her hair salon. 

"We've just removed two chairs so we can have that six foot apart from each other," said Baldini. The hairstylists will work on different shifts

"We'll have half the staff working half the day. The other half of the staff work the other half of the day," said Baldini.

All surfaces will be cleaned regularly by both stylists.

"The only kind of barrier we're thinking of is masks and gloves," said Baldini.

No more cash payments. None of this is easy, but worth it.

"I'm itching for the day. As soon as they say the shelter in place is lifted, I am in here," said Baldini.

A sentiment echoed by nail salon owner Nguyen.

"I miss seeing my clients. I miss being busy. It's really hard on me," said Nguyen.

The salon owners said they've been receiving calls and texts from clients, anxious to make that human connection again.

Getting your nails and hair done is so much a part of what many people do to feel better.