Bay Area rideshare drivers hit hard by rising gas prices

Gas has reached $4 per gallon in the Bay Area and it's not hard to find prices even higher than that.

Drivers are struggling with sticker shock, but rideshare drivers, who pay for gas out of their own pocket, are among the hardest hit. 

"Already with the hike, at first it was $3.39ish, I can see the difference with $4 a gallon already," said Lyft driver Marcell Crawford.

Marcell Crawford says driving for Lyft is his hustle to pay for living expenses and to put a down payment on his dream, opening a bakery and sharing his grandmother’s sweets with the world. 

"The bakery is going to be called ZME sweets," said Crawford. "Oh Yeah, it's all planned out."

Every increase in gas prices puts that dream off a little bit further.

"It's going to cost me an extra $20 to fill up. I mean, I am a little shocked about that one, can't wait for it to go back down," said Crawford.

AAA says a combination of unplanned refinery repairs and the seasonal switch over to the more expensive summer blend of gas are behind the bump at the pump.

Four-dollar gas doesn't just hit rideshare drivers.

California and Bay Area drivers are accustomed to paying higher gas prices, but $4 is just about where the tipping point occurs. 

"About 22% did say they would change their behavior because of gas prices, but it's not to the point where you see people cancelling their vacations," said Michael Blasky from AAA.

AAA says drivers will start looking for other areas to cut back before cancelling trips.

As for how long we will have to endure these high gas prices, it's hard to say. AAA says demand surges as we approach summer, so we could see $4 plus gas prices for months to come.
And there's always the possibility it will go even higher.