Bay Area trades high heat for wet weather

A cold front brought rain to parts of the North Bay on Monday morning, along with cooler temperatures and overcast skies that are expected to persist around the Bay Area for the next few days.

The National Weather Service said a second cold front will likely bring rain to the Bay Area through Tuesday night, followed by wind on Wednesday.

"Generally light showers are coming into the North Bay now and the rest of the Bay Area by early this afternoon," said National Weather Service meteorologist Dalton Behringer.

Most areas will get a tenth of an inch of rain at the most, while the coastal North Bay could get up to a quarter of an inch, Behringer said.

"It's going be a stretch to get anything decent unless you're along the coast or in higher terrain," he said.

After that, Thursday and Friday are expected to be dry and temperatures near normal for the regional, forecasters said.

Another cold front is expected this weekend.