California water districts will get more supply than planned

California now plans to give water districts 15% of what they’ve requested for 2022. That’s up from last month, when the state said it would supply 0% of requested water beyond what was needed for necessities such as drinking and bathing.

Pacific tsunami warning recedes; Tonga covered by ash cloud

The tsunami threat throughout the Pacific from a huge underwater volcanic eruption has begun to recede, though the massive ash cloud covering Tonga is preventing surveillance flights from New Zealand to assess the extent of damage.

What is a tsunami and what causes them?

All coastlines around the world are vulnerable to tsunamis, so it's important to know your community's hazard and evacuation plans in case they're needed.

Tsunami advisory in effect for Bay Area coast

The National Weather Service on Saturday morning issued a Tsunami Advisory for coastal California including parts of the Bay Area following a large underwater volcanic eruption near the Tonga Islands.