Bay Area weather: snow possible as cold, wet weather blows in

Chilly temperatures with rain and strong winds are heading for the Bay Area this week. The region's hills and mountains may even see snow from the storm.

Rain and potentially snow are expected to fall on Thursday and Friday in the Bay Area.

Snow will fall in areas at elevations as low as 1,000 feet. That means the Santa Cruz mountains, hills in Berkeley and Oakland, Mount Hamilton in San Jose and peaks in the North Bay may see snow accumulate, the National Weather Service predicted.

The mountains near Lake Tahoe are likely to get several feet of snow this week, according to the National Weather Service. 

A winter storm watch takes effect on Tuesday for the Sierra Nevada mountains and remains in place until Friday, the National Weather Service declared. There will be one to two feet of snow in areas at 1,000 to 2,000 feet of elevation. At 5,000 feet and above, there will be three to five feet of snow.

Temperatures in the Bay Area will dip to their lowest on Wednesday and Thursday. Temperatures will drop into the 20s and 30s on Wednesday. Lows in will remain in the 30s until Saturday night, based on the latest forecast reports.

Some areas will experience temperatures that max out in the 50s on Thursday, an unusually cool high for this time of year.

A wind advisory will be in effect Tuesday at 1 p.m. until a day later. That advisory covers a large stretch of the Bay Area from North Bay south to the Monterey Bay and Santa Lucia Mountains. Gusts will reach 40 to 55 miles per hour.