Bayview residents growing frustrated with spotty USPS mail deliveries

Some residents in San Francisco's Bayview District say they've haven't been getting any mail for close to two weeks.

"It's been a week and a half since any of us have received our mail," said Ingrid Wynn.

"We never get no mail," Ingrid's mother Agnes said.

They say mail delivery in their neighborhood has been sporadic or non-existent and that it's a cycle that has repeated itself for months.

"Every month we go through the same thing, where we have to go down to the post office," Wynn said.

They've visited their local post office on Lane St to complain. They've also stopped by the larger facility on Evans Ave. They say they've gotten the run-around.

"They'll be told, 'Oh well, we're short, we don't have a supervisor.' It's just constant excuses about why we have not received our mail," Wynn said.

In a statement to KTVU, US Post Office spokesman Augustine Ruiz said, "I spoke with the manager who runs the city and he stated unequivocally that there was only one day in the last two weeks that the carrier did not finish his route, including mail delivered to that address. Also, there are no indications that this has been a problem over the past few months as you were told."

Wynn said that's not true. And, she says packages the postal service claims have been dropped off, never made it to her.

"It does say that the mail is delivered. It says it's scanned, it says it's in our mailbox, and there's actually no mail and nothing in our mailbox," she said.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, Wynn said she relies on the postal service for her medications.

"I need my medicine and I haven't been able to get my medicine in over weeks and I'm like, 'Well, wait a minute, something's wrong.'"

Hanne Loyd is another resident who is missing his mail. Loyd says some people "aren't getting some of their government checks, because of sporadic service, and that's unacceptable."

When there is mail delivered, sometimes there's yet another problem, said resident Rudolph Garrett.

"Maybe a couple of weeks, we don't get no mail, and when we do, we have each other's mail in our box -  the wrong box," Garrett said. "Sometimes I have to walk it to the right place."

USPS says there's been a lot of package thefts in the neighborhood. But the residents say they don't believe mail theft is to blame.