‘Be aware’: Owners issue heartbreaking warning after dog dies from consuming chewing gum

Cori and Kris Clark took to Facebook to warn dog owners of a terrible incident they didn’t see coming.

“Most of you are aware that we lost our sweet Isa last night. We had to make the hardest decision and our hearts are extremely heartbroken," wrote the couple on Facebook, sharing photos of their 6-year-old wire-haired pointing griffon, who died after consuming half a container of Ice Breakers gum. 

“Not only did we lose an amazing dog but we lost a part of our family,” wrote the couple. 

Their “fur baby” Isa got into a container of Ice Breakers over the weekend, eating half of it before being rushed to the emergency veterinarian where she started to have seizures and liver failure. 

The Clarks said Ice Breakers gum contains xylitol, which is poisonous to animals, prompting them to rush Isa to the vet as soon as they knew she had ingested the gum. 

Within an hour, they lost their beloved companion. 


Photographs of Isa, who tragically passed away after consuming chewing gum.

The Clarks said they hope their warning will help keep others from having to go through the same thing. 

“I had a lady message me yesterday to tell me that our post saved her dog’s life,” said Cori. “We just want people to be aware.”