Benicia Community Center closed after worker tests positive for COVID-19,

The Benicia Community Center was closed Tuesday for deep cleaning after an employee there tested positive for COVID-19, city officials said.

Benicia Community Center was closed July 21, 2020, after an employee there they tested positive for COVID-19, city officials said.

Officials said they were notified by the employee about the positive test on Monday. Other staff working at the center at 370 E. L St. will be tested and the center will remain closed until being deemed safe to open.


Credits will be issued for all programs affected by the closure, according to the city. Workers at the Community Center had been following recommended protocols such as wearing face coverings, social distancing and washing their hands regularly, but the city said many positive cases can come from social and family gatherings.

More information about the employee who tested positive was not released. "We make it a policy not to disclose detailed information to protect employee privacy," City Manager Lorie Tinfow said in a news release. "We will facilitate testing for all employees who may have been exposed and notify program participants as appropriate."