'Best Santa ever,' a mom wrote after blind, autistic son gets very special visit

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The photos say it all. A Texas mother whose son is blind and autistic is sharing a moving moment when the child came face to face with Santa.

On Facebook, Misty Wolf wrote of how during a visit to Santa, she leaned over to the man on the chair and whispered to him, “'he is blind and autistic and is very interested in Santa.'" 

The man promptly responded with these words: "'say no more,'" and then took matters into his own hands, according to the boy's mother.

He immediately got down to the child's level and moved onto the floor. 

"He talked to Matthew for a long time. Let him feel all over him. Told him to pull his beard, feel his hat and talked about his red suit," Wolf recalled.

He even asked him if there was anything the child wanted to feel, to which Matthew answered, “'your eyes that twinkle,'” Wolf wrote.

"... so santa let him touch all over his eyes for as long as Matthew wanted," the mom said.

And there was more. Santa asked the boy if he'd ever touched a real reindeer, and then he proceeded to take the child over to a Christmas display, where he let him feel a taxidermy reindeer that was part of the display.

The entire experience left the mother filled with emotion, as she called this man the "Best Santa ever!"

Since Wolf posted her story last Wednesday, it has been shared more than 76K times, with thousands of people weighing in. 

Many commented on how the spirit of the holidays was captured in this simple, kind, and gentle gesture. Others called the man "wonderful" and said he was the "real Santa."

To Matthew's mom, it was an extremely meaningful moment. She watched how engaged and interested her son was, as he received this very special gift from a person who took the time to give him a magical holiday experience. "It was great," she wrote. "My heart was full."


This story was reported from Oakland, Calif.