Big Sur continues to be battered after winter rains, landslides shut down portion of Highway 1

Big Sur coastline shows landslide at Mud Creek. May 22, 2017 (Monterey County Sheriff's airplane)

The Big Sur area keeps getting battered.

A landslide over the weekend shut down a portion of Highway 1 in the southern part of the coastal city in San Luis Obispo, and Caltrans said this week officials are unsure just how long it will take to reopen. The slide, or rather handful of slides, came down about 9:30 p.m. Saturday , bringing down millions of cubic yards of dirt and rock down the hillside at Mud Creek, according to the Monterey Herald. Highway 1 is closed from Limeklin Creek Bridge to half a mile south of Big Sur State Park.

The Monterey County Sheriff’s airplane flew overhead on Monday and shared stunning aerial video of the affected area.

In addition, Caltrans closed Highway 1 at Ragged Point, near the county border, months ago because of the landslides at Mud Creek.

Much of Big Sur has been shuttered or affected since the winter rains.

Big Sur Station remains closed until September, when the Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge replacement, currently under construction, reconnects the two segments of Big Sur.  In addition, Andrew Molera State Park is closed until further notice and Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park is open for limited use.