Black students want more to be done after racial video made at Tam High

Community activists, including students, say a North Bay school district is not doing enough to protect its Black students.

This criticism comes after some Tamalpais High school students made a video containing a racial slur.

There have also been fights on campus, in which one Black school employee was injured.

The principal met and apologized to the student body on Friday and set up areas in which black students can express any hurt and fears.

Other students held a walkout last week, according to the Marin IJ. 

Some parents and students spoke at a district board meeting where they demanded more protections for black students.

"As students, we are deeply concerned about the impact this incident has had on our school environment, and we want to develop and foster a culture of respect and a sense of belonging, and it's our responsibility to stand up against discrimination," one person said. 

The district has refused to reveal whether it disciplined the students who made the video.

The school's Black Student Union issued a list of recommendations, including revising the policy on consequences for hate motivated behavior.