Bogus report of tiger on the loose in Oakland

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIAAPRIL 20, 2020Wild turkeys wander through the parking lot of the Oakland Zoo on April 20, 2020. The Oakland Zoo is closed due to the coronavirus, leaving the zoo without ticket sales. The costs of feeding (Carolyn Cole / Los Angele (Getty Images)

The sense of chaos around the Bay Area reached a new level Sunday night following reports that a tiger was on the loose near the Oakland Zoo. 

Officials with the zoo quickly said that they had accounted for their big cats, according to the sheriff's office. 

A bus driver falsely claimed to have seen a roaming tiger in the area of 98th Avenue and Golf Links Drive, near the zoo's entrance, according to an Oakland Zoo tweet.

As an added reassurance, the zoo also tweeted that no one had broken into the facility ither. 

Still, the original warning message from the Alameda County Sheriff's Office produced a surreal feeling among a public that has been bewildered by days of demonstrations and unrest. 

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