'Boo Fest' and 'Fright Fest' in final weekend at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

This weekend is the last time to visit Six Flags Discovery Kingdom for Boo Fest or Fright Fest this Halloween season.

For the second year, the park is holding a kid-friendly Halloween event during the day. Kids and families can enjoy the fun of Boo Fest before 6 p.m. when the more scary Fright Fest begins.

"We’ve discovered that this event is actually becoming just as popular as our established Fright Fest event," said Marc Merino, spokesperson for Six Flags. "We have hay mazes, corn mazes, all sorts of activities – plus all the rides and shows and animals that you would come to expect from Six Flags."

Areas like the splash pad in the park's Seaside Junction have turned into Halloween-themed activities such as a foam rave. The train has been re-imagined to become a hunting game where children look for a ghost named Boo.

"(Our staff was) thinking about what can we do, what can we add, what will be fun for our guests to experience that they haven’t experienced before or they can't experience anywhere else," said Merino.

Kids can also participate in pumpkin painting, costume contests and a spooky circus, before taking a class at Ghoul School, a fun show in Sea Lion Stadium. 

The sea lions show off their scariest faces and noises, showing attendees what it takes to be a ghoul.

A 6 p.m. Fright Fest begins, with five haunted houses, six scare zones and hundreds of people dressed as terrifying clowns, werewolves and vampires determined to scare you.

Tickets to Six Flags start at $45 each and include entrance to Boo Fest and Fright Fest.