Boy airlifted to hospital after rattlesnake bite at Mt. Diablo State Park

A boy was airlifted to John Muir Medical Center on after being bitten by a rattlesnake at Mt. Diablo State Park, according to officials from Contra Costa Fire. 

The incident occurred on the Bruce Lee Trail, near a water tower, about 5 p.m. Wednesday near Mitchell Canyon in Clayton.

Photos released by the California Highway Patrol show the boy being hoisted into a helicopter. His condition remains undisclosed at this time.

 Rattlesnake encounters are not uncommon within the park's vicinity.

Mt. Diablo State Park's Facebook page shared a video from a few years ago, showcasing "resident rattlesnakes" near the visitors' center, underscoring the need for caution while hiking or walking along the park's trails.

To mitigate the risk of snake bites, experts recommend wearing closed-toe shoes and staying on designated trails. In the event of a snake bite, the following steps are advised:

  • Stay calm and maintain a low heart rate to minimize venom circulation.
  • Remove any rings, watches, or bands as the affected area will quickly swell.
  • Keep the bite level with the heart.
  • Refrain from using tourniquets or applying ice to the bite.
  • Prompt medical attention is crucial, as receiving antivenom treatment is essential.